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How to Make Chicken Fried Rice, Quick, Easy and Delicious

Today we're going to make a everybody's favorite chicken fried rice.

Before we start, nasi goreng is original indonesian cuisine, commonly known as NASGOR, which stands for NASi GOReng.

Which just a few moments ago was ranked 14th out of 50 of the world's most delicious food versions of CNN. 

How to Make Chicken Fried Rice, Quick, Easy and Delicious

And the ingredient is :

1. The white rice.

Which is you cook it the day before and you keep in the refrigerator. 

2. The bins pile 

3. Some chicken breasts 

4. Two eggs

5. Some scallion and some mix the vegetable.

6. Some cornstarch

7. Sugar 

8. Soy sauce 

9. Water 

10. Crisp oil 

I'll use a frozen mix this mixture of vegetable is the best.

And now How to Make Chicken Fried Rice is:

1. We're going to marinate the chicken first. I already cut it up some chicken breasts, put in some cornstarch, a little bit sugar. The restaurant they have a youth msg but I don't use the msg and I just use a sugar and step and light soy sauce. And then use a crisp oil and I put a little bit of water and you just mix it up and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

2. Hot the wok, put a little bit aggressive oil.

3. Put 2 eggs in there and stir while frying just a square all day okay now the egg is done like I say do not call this too hard.

4. And now I add a little bit more aggressive oil, you could use the same wok, you'd like to wash it if you want. And then you can put your chicken in there.

5. Fry the chicken. If the chicken has dried and turns white, it means that the chicken fry is finished. then it's time to take it out.

6. And then you got to clean your wok, and if the wok is hot and now times to you put a user greasy oil, put a little bit of greasy oil not too much more if you want to make fine rice, do not put too much oil, it won't taste right so you put your rice.

7. In the same time, put some the vegetables, fry for about 10 minutes and then you can feel it the rise is hot and then put the chicken in there first, then some sea salt, a little bit of sugar that's why I always say are they where to use the sugar instead of MSG outside restaurant they use msg, Black pepper, a little bit of light soy sauce and a little bit of dark tartar sauce,

8. And then you got dried grape flavor, you can see the color of changing.

9. No it time to put your egg, and always stir the rice in the wok when it fry.

10. Then put the The bins pile, and the last one put the scallion.

11. And now is ready. And nobody shouldn't get hungry with this pile, your chicken fried rice is ready.

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